Toxemias of Pregnancy

By William J. Dieckman, M.D. Pp. 521, illustrated. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, Mo.

This is a comprehensive treatise upon all of the aspects of the toxemias of pregnancy, from both the scientific and clinical stand-points. The work includes a thorough discussion of the physicochemical, physiological, and pathological features of these toxemias as well as the influence of the endocrines. The clinical portions of the work treat fully the various toxemias in their clinical manifestations and especially valuable are the chapters upon hypertensive disease in pregnancy as distinguished from pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and chronic disease of the kidneys. The chapter upon treatment is particularly interesting and presents not only present day treatment but an historical resume of the treatment of eclampsia. There is also an excellent chapter upon pre-natal care. In regard to the latter, the author stresses the fact that the incidence of these toxemias may be cut down but not completely eliminated by pre-natal care.

This book is a valuable contribution to the subject and gives a broad view of past work upon the toxemias of pregnancy and a thorough knowledge of the work being done at the present time.