Studies on the Murine Origin of Typhus Epidemics in North China

II. Typhus Rickettsia Isolated from Mice and Mouse-Fleas during an Epidemic in a Household and from Body Lice in the Garments of One of the Epidemic Cases

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  • Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, Peiping Union Medical College, Peiping, China

Summary and Conclusions

Two strains of typhus Rickettsia were isolated from mice and mouse-fleas during an epidemic in a household, and a third strain obtained from lice in the garments of one of the epidemic cases was found to share some of the murine characteristics. It was suggested that in North China, the murine Rickettsia may, in all probability, be transmitted from man to man by the human body louse, giving rise to small or large epidemics according to circumstances.