Plague on Us

By Geddes Smith. Pp. 1–365. The Commonwealth Fund, 1941, Oxford Univ. Press, London

A most interesting and instructive consideration of epidemiology written for the layman but just as valuable to the public health officer and physician. Unlike many works upon various phases of medicine written by laymen, this work is remarkably free from misstatements and a careful reading has shown that the data presented are accurate and the conclusions drawn from them are justified. It is a most readable work and the author is to be congratulated upon the presentation of his subject matter. The book contains chapters upon “Pestilence,” “Past Thinking,” “The Sick Man,” “The Sick Crowd,” “Defenses,” “Detective Work” and “Unfinished Business.” All of these are filled with valuable information while the one entitled “Detective Work” is as exciting as a Sherlock Holmes tale.

There is one statement in this book that the reviewer believes to be erroneous.