By Sir Leonard Rogers and Ernest Muir. Pp. i–xii, 1–260. Second Edition, Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, Md., 1940

This work is the second edition of the well-known book upon the subject published by the authors fifteen years ago. Since the appearance of the first edition much has been learned regarding leprosy and this has necessitated the rewriting of much of the previous volume.

In the present edition the new nomenclature adopted by the 1938 Cairo International Leprosy Congress has been adopted and additions have been made to the illustrations. The work is a most thorough consideration of the subject and no one interested in leprosy can afford to be without a copy in his library. In fact the section on epidemiology and communicability should be read by every physician as it will do away with the many misconceptions regarding these phases of leprosy and the unreasoning fear of the leper still harbored not only by the layman but by many physicians.

The book can be cordially recommended to all interested in the subject.