The Classification of Strains of Candida (Monilia) Isolated from Sputum

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  • Laboratory of the Michigan State Sanatorium, Howell, Michigan


The sputa of 693 sanatorium patients have been studied and 250 strains of the genus Candida isolated, an incidence of 36 per cent. Of these 205 (82 per cent) have been classified as C. albicans, 40 (16 per cent) as C. tropicalis, 2 (0.8 per cent) as C. Krusei, and 3 (1.2 per cent) strains remain unclassified. Fifteen cultures from other laboratories have also been compared using our method of study. By inoculating a plate containing malt agar and modified Durham tubes containing sucrose and maltose the great majority of strains isolated from sputum can be classified. The procedure is, therefore, simple and the media are easily prepared. Other methods should be resorted to if this plan fails. The generic term Candida has been substituted for Monilia. Different names for some of the species have also been used.