Some Contributions of United States Naval Medical Officers to Science

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Part I. “The Sailor's greatest ambition is to do his duty. May I ever do mine, and should I be blessed with old age, may I have the delightful gratification of looking back upon a life well spent.” (Jonathan M. Foltz (1810–1877), Surgeon General U. S. Navy 1871–1872 (1).)

The title which I have chosen for this paper will give opportunity to refer briefly to a few of our corps' contributions in other departments of science than within the narrow limits of tropical medicine. It is unfortunate we have no more exact phrase to define what we mean in this connection. In fact our present understanding of the phrase “tropical medicine” is somewhat like our unfortunate connotation of the adjective “American.” There are upwards of 20 other national units in the New World, but when we use this term without qualification, we mean it to apply to the United States alone.