Oviposition Experiments with Anopheline Mosquitoes

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Observation of the behavior of mosquitoes in the laboratory and of the distribution of eggs in nature has convinced us that the Albanian Anopheles, especially the species of the maculipennis group, normally oviposit while hovering over the water, performing a sort of “oviposition dance.” From field observation we are also convinced that the differences between the larval habitats of various species are largely the direct result of selection of oviposition site by the adult females. Anopheles atroparvus in laboratory experiments showed a pronounced preference for dark background colors in ovipositing, and for water containing calcium. It seemed to be more or less indifferent to the sodium chloride content of the water. Experiments and observations on time of oviposition gave conflicting results, but seem to indicate that oviposition may depend on a combination of stimuli rather than on some single factor in the daily cycle of environmental changes.