By Richard Roksabro Kudo, D.Sc. Pp. I–XI, 1-1-689. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill., 1939

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The present work is an enlarged and rewritten edition of the Author's “Handbook of Protozoology” published in 1931. The book is designed to serve as a text-book upon the subject in colleges and universities and is especially valuable from the systematic standpoint and by reason of the very numerous and well executed illustrations numbering many hundreds and contained in 291 text plates.

The chapters upon the general aspects of protozoology are excellent and cover 170 pages, and are followed by brief descriptions of the free-living and parasitic species, systematically arranged. Some curious omissions are noted. For instance, in the discussion of the Genus Trypanosoma, Trypanosoma rhodesiense is omitted, as is Plasmodium ovale, in the list of malaria plasmodia. It is also noted that in the discussion of the Leishmania it is stated that there are four species, whereas only three are mentioned by name, the number accepted by protozoölogists in general.