Report of the Treasurer January 5, 1922 to May 1, 1922

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On receiving the funds and records of the Treasurer's office from the former Treasurer, January 5, 1922, I found that the following transactions had occurred since the last audited report of the former Treasurer, as shown by records now in my possession.

Receipts Balance in bank, November 9, 1921 $310.80

Membership dues 64.00

Total receipts $374.80

Expenditures Exchange on checks $0.05

Transfer of funds to new Treasurer, December 20, 1921 374.75

Total Expenditures $374.80

Since assuming charge of the Treasurer's office I have received and expended money and have incurred liabilities on the Society's account as shown by the following summary:

Receipts From former Treasurer (deposited with McLachlen Banking Corporation, Washington, D. C., January 5, 1922 $374.75

Membership dues (arrears prior to 1919) 10.00

Membership dues (1919) 4.00

Membership dues (1920) 28.00

Membership dues (1921) 68.00

Membership dues (1922) 445.49

Total receipts $930.24

Expenditures To Williams and Wilkins for publications:

Subscriptions, volume 1 of Journal $214.00

Transactions sixteenth Annual Meeting 40.78

Expenses of office of Secretary-Treasurer:

Printing and stationery 19.00