English, German, French, Italian and Spanish Medical Vocabulary and Phrases

By Joseph S. F. Marie. Foreword by Chevalier Jackson, M.D., Sc. D., LL.D. F.A.C.S. Pp. I–IX, 1–357. P. Blakiston's Sons and Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1939

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This is a useful book containing words and phrases used in medicine in all of the languages mentioned in the title, arranged in such a manner that the same word is given in each language upon the same line. The vocabulary is arranged alphabetically and occupies 341 pages, while the medical phrases occupy 10 pages in an Appendix.

For the writer, student, research worker and scientific physician this work should prove of great service and result in much saving of time in looking up words in foreign dictionaries. It is well printed and bound and will undoubtedly find its place in the libraries of physicians who desire a ready reference to the commonly used medical terms in the various languages mentioned.