Handbuch der Virusforschung

Edited by Prof. Dr. R. Doerr and Prof. Dr. C. Hallauer. With contributions by F. M. Burnet, R. Doerr, W. J. Elford, G. M. Findlay, M. Haitinger, C. Hallauer, M. Kaiser, and W. M. Stanley. Erste Hälfe. Illustrated, pp. I–XII, 1–546. Julius Springer, Wien, 1938

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This is the first part of a most comprehensive work upon the filterable viruses and chapters are contributed by German, English and American authorities. Curiously enough, practically half of the present volume is printed in English, a distinct departure in a German publication, but one which will be welcomed by those who cannot read German. It is impossible in a brief review to do justice to this really excellent work but it may be stated that it is the most thorough consideration of the subject upon which it treats that has come to the attention of the reviewer and if the second part maintains the standard of this part it will stand as the most valuble work upon the filterable viruses in any language.

In this part of the work Doerr, of Basel, writes upon the development of our knowledge of viruses and their nature; Elford, of London, upon the sizes of viruses and methods of their determination.