Big Fleas Have Little Fleas

By Robert Hegner, Professor of Protozoology, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. The Williams and Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1938

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The author presents the viewpoint of protozoa as being marvelous beyond the fantasy Alice encountered in her Wonderland and illustrates with many cartoons, drawings, candid photos and microphotographs.

The factual material is scientifically accurate and extensive and is presented in a most intriguing style, paraphrasing many curious thoughts with the facts. Only one error of fact could be detected and that so obviously a mis-print as not to be misleading except to the lay reader (Leeuwenhoek's discovery of free-living protozoa is given as 1874 rather than 1674).

Under several chapter headings, such as “Parade of the Little Millions” are interestingly introduced the generalities of protozoa: their ubiquitousness in the water, soil and sea; their classification, physiology and reproduction; the evolution of parasitic protozoa; the life, food habits and behavior of the amoebae, free-living flagellates, infusoria and sporozoa; symbiosis and commensalism; and protozoal parasites on plants, fish and higher animals.