Krankheiten und Hygiene der warmen Länder

4th edition. Pp. I–XI, 1–562; 431 text figures, 1 half tone and 6 colored plates. By P. Mühlens, E. Nauck, H. Vogel and H. Ruge. Georg Thieme Verlag, Leipzig. Paper covers, 43 RM.; bound in linen, 45 RM.

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The last edition of this well known and widely used manual by R. Ruge, P. Mühlens and M. zur Verth has been out of print for some time. That work was influenced by the Institut für Schiffs- und Tropenkrankheiten in Hamburg, especially through the chapters written by Mühlens. The new edition, more than the last, is a product of the Hamburg Institut, since four of the five authors are members of its staff. In large part, the material as presented is derived from the courses in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, given for almost thirty years at the Institut. Accordingly, it represents a vast accumulation of material, collected at first hand in all parts of the world. Moreover, the experience gained by repeated presentation of the subject matter is expressed in the book.

The form and spirit of the previous editions are retained in the new one, although the authors have rewritten the text to incorporate the advances in knowledge and improvements in practice which have been made in the last ten years.