A Textbook of Hematology

By William Magner. pp. 393 including index with 23 figures. P. Blackeston's Sons & Co. Inc., Philadelphia. 1938

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The excellent, systematic and cohesive manner in which Dr. Magner has treated the subject of hematology makes his book very attractive. One has no difficulty in following his discussions and he seems to separate the wheat from the chaff and leaves the reader with the feeling that the author has presented what he has found by experience to be correct. The welter of theory and controversy is to a large extent avoided and that which is essential and what to the writer appears most logical is retained. As a guide for students and practitioners the book would appear to be most serviceable.

There are unfortunately but few illustrations. Perhaps the author's intention is not to delude the user by too many lithographic reproductions of individual cells which are apt to be misleading but to furnish textual information upon which the fundamental knowledge is based.