A Proposed Revision of the Memorial Conference Classification of Leprosy

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  • American Leprosy Foundation, Culion, Philippine Islands

Introduction 773

The Memorial Conference classification 774

Main types; subtypes; definitions

First criticism of the classification 777

Modifications of the classification 778

Proposals of Lie, Germond, Dubois and Dupont

Other classifications 781

Classifications of Tisseul, Montel, Kuznetzow, Rabello

General considerations in classification 782

Basis of classification; mutability of leprosy; principal forms or “types” of leprosy; subclassification; names of types; characteristics of the neural type; characteristics of the cutaneous type; position of “tuberculoid leprosy”

Definitions 791

Proposed revision of the memorial conference classification 793

  1. A.Primary classification 794Neural (N) type; cutaneous (C) type
  2. B.Subclassification
    1. 1.General, by degree of advancement 794Neural; cutaneous; “mixed”; “secondary neural”
    2. 2.Special, by other features 796Varieties of cutaneous leprosy; principal varieties of neural; varieties of macules; indication of original phase, of secondary neural cases, of bacteriological status, of progress of the disease; atypical and special cases; special forms

References 800


Until recently the basis and terminology used in classifying the forms and varieties of leprosy was determined very largely by individual choice, and this highly important matter was correspondingly confused.

Author Notes

Formerly the Leonard Wood Memorial for the Eradication of Leprosy.