The Modern Period of Tropical Medicine

Presidential Address of American Academy of Tropical Medicine

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  • Boston, Massachusetts
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Permit me again to express to you my sincere appreciation of the honor you have done the Department of Tropical Medicine of Harvard University by electing me as President of the Academy. However, this honor involves certain responsibilities for the incumbent. Not the least onerous of these is the delivery of a presidential address, but I wish I could spare you the task of hearing it read.

Realizing that the sessions of our American Society of Tropical Medicine are more appropriate for the consideration of technical subjects than our annual meeting about this banquet board, I have decided to discuss topics of a more general nature, and first to ask your consideration for a moment, of a few of the outstanding achievements in the field of modern tropical medicine, with the hope of clarifying somewhat our conceptions, and of stimulating our energies regarding the interests and functions of this Academy.