Introduction to Human Parasitology

By Asa C. Chandler, M.S., Ph.D. Fifth Edition. Pages i–xii, 1–659. John Wiley and Sons, New York. Chapman and Hall, London. 1936

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In this, the Fifth Edition, of his well-known work upon Human Parasitology, the author has given us one of the most readable and entertaining books upon the subject in English. A careful reading of the book demonstrates that it is well up-to-date and that the facts are accurately, as well as entertainly, presented. The work is divided into three main sections devoted to the protozoa, helminths and arthropods respectively, and the matter is arranged in a systematic manner in the main, although, for convenience of teaching, this has been departed from in some instances. Although the parasites considered are not described in extenso enough is given in morphology and biology to enable the student to obtain a clear idea of the particular parasite, its morphology, life cycle and relation to disease.