French Medicine

By M. Laignel-Lavastine and M. Raymond Molinery. Translated by E. B. Krumbhaar, M.D. Pages i–ix, 1–187. In Clio Medica. Paul B. Hoeber, Inc., New York, 1934

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In this concise, comprehensive book the authors first outline the influence of Roman medicine on Gaul, then proceed to take up the beginnings of French medicine, the scholastic period and the origin and development of the Medical Faculties. With the Renaissance Rabelais in internal medicine and Paré in surgery initiated the significant contributions which culminated in the discoveries of Claude Bernard, Laennec, Pasteur, Laveran and others. The style is clear and the material is presented in an interesting manner, so much so, in fact, that the reader frequently wishes for more details.