Japanese Medicine

By Y. Fujikawa, M.D. Translated from the German by John Ruhräh, M.D., with a chapter on the Recent History of Medicine in Japan by Kageyas W. Amano, M.D., D.Sc. (Med.). Pages i–xiii, 1–114. In Clio Medica. Paul B. Hoeber, Inc., New York, 1934

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This small volume first gives a careful but rather uninteresting chronology of ancient and medieval medicine in Japan, showing that the thought and practice of the period is based largely on Chinese cosmogony and medicine. Later the brief contact with the Portuguese and then the sustained Dutch influence prepared Japan to take up whole-heartedly and contribute largely to Western Medicine. The accomplishments of Shiga, Takamine, Kitasato and other Japanese physicians and medical scientists during the latter part of the 19th century and the present day are well known. The value of this little primer consists in showing the background for these contributions, which are of special importance to workers in tropical medicine.