Preventive Medicine and Hygiene

By Milton J. Rosenau. Sixth edition. Pages i–xxv, 1–1481. Illustrated. D. Appleton-Century Company, New York and London, 1935

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There is always great satisfaction in seeing a standard work in medicine carried on to a new edition by its author. Rosenau has masterfully extended and contracted his work without loss to the perfect synthesis of his earlier editions.

In spite of the rapid advances in etiology and epidemiology this edition has encompassed them all in a safe and unprejudiced manner. The reviewer has searched for evidences of unequivocal bias in some of the more unsettled questions but finds none. Instead, the reader is constantly warned whenever a debatable subject arises, that current knowledge cannot say that this or that is so. But at the same time there is no evasion of generally accepted inferences and clear-cut facts.

Of special interest to a wider medical audience are the new sections on preventive medicine and hygiene of the individual.