Agents of Disease and Host Resistance. Including the Principles of Immunology, Bacteriology, Mycology, Protozoology, Parasitology and Virus Diseases

By Frederick P. Gay and Associates. Pp. 1–13, 1–1581. Illustrated. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, and Baltimore, Maryland, 1935

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This royal octavo volume of over 1500 pages may be truly stated to be the most thorough study of the subjects of which it treats published to date, in one volume, in the English language, and one which it is impossible to do justice to in the space allowed in a single review.

The work is divided into twelve parts as follows: Part I, General Aspects of the Causation, Classification and Nature of Disease. Part II, Immediate Disease Agents and Tolerance. Part III, Living Disease Agents, particularly Bacteria; their Morphology and Physiology. Part IV, Infection and Epidemiology. Part V, Resistance and Immunity. Part VI, Pathogenic Bacteria and Diseases Produced by Them. Part VII, Pathogenic Spirochetes and Spirochetoses. Part VIII, Pathogenic Fungi and Fungus Diseases. Part IX, Indeterminate Pathogenic Forms and Diseases Produced by Them. Part X, Animal Pathogens. Part XI, Diseases of Obscure Etiology. Part XII, Practical Results in the Diagnosis, Prevention and Cure of Infectious Diseases.