Bed-Side Medicine

A Handbook of Medical Diagnosis, Symptoms, Signs and Laboratory Methods from Tropical Standpoint. By Akhil Ranjan Majumdar, M.B. 3rd edition. 1934. Pp. 815 including index. The Book Company, Ltd., 4/4A College Square, and Messers Das Gupta & Co., 54/3 College Street, Calcutta, India

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The fact that this book has been presented in three editions in six years argues well for its qualifications and usefulness. It deals with what the American physician would call Physical Diagnosis rather than with what the title which the author selects, suggesting therapeusis as well.

The author attempts to fill a large order within the relatively narrow confines of the eight hundred odd small pages. That he has succeeded very well there is no doubt, but the limitations of space have imposed corresponding limitations in the text, which are not always desirable, but which have been met to a certain degree by alteration in the size of the type.

The author is to be congratulated on the general arrangement of the material and the presentation of the symptomatology and differential diagnosis when necessary. His great teaching ability is clearly evident from the systematic and concise manner with which he has presented and analyzed each disease entity.