Experimental Bacteriology

By Drs. W. Kolle and H. Hetsch. Translated from the seventh German edition by Dagny Erikson and edited by John Eyre. Vol. I, pp. 1–592. Vol. II, 1–612. Illustrated. The Macmillan Co., New York. 1935

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The splendid work on bacteriology by Drs. Kolle and Hetsch needs no introduction to students of this subject, but the profession is greatly indebted to the translator for his excellent translation of this very valuable work into English. For many years it has been felt by those interested in the subject that an English translation would be of great service, and the translator, the editor and the publishers are to be congratulated upon the publication of the present translation.

The seventh German edition of Kolle and Hetsch was published in 1929 and this translation follows so closely the original and there are so few additions by the editor that the work practically pictures the status of bacteriology only to the year that the seventh edition was issued. The sections upon bacteriology are excellent and are fairly well brought to date, but the sections upon protozoal diseases are lamentably out of date and were not well up-to-date even in the seventh German edition.