Intravenous Administration of Certain Drugs in the Therapy of Avian Malaria

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  • Department of Protozoology, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Summary and Conclusions

Mercurochrome, as an intravenous therapeutic agent in the treatment of avian malaria, is not of sufficient value to warrant its use. This is also probably true of human malaria, but it may be of some value as an adjunct to other drugs or in cases where there is an idiosyncrasy to other malariacides. 1 hydroxy, 3 nitro, 2, 4 diacetoxymercuri anisole is of no value as a malariacide. Early in the infection it may have retarded, but later it seemed to stimulate, multiplication of the parasite. Neither carbarsone nor vioform has any malariacidal effect. Infection by the intravenous route is followed by a shorter incubation period. This seems to be a desirable method for experimental use in avian malaria.