A New Species of Tick which is a Vector of Relapsing Fever in California

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  • Division of Entomology and Parasitology, University of California, Berkeley, California

Ornithodorus Hermsi Wheeler, New SpeciesFemale. Ovoid, conically pointed anteriorly, anterior dorsal portion of the hood visible from above, broadly rounded posteriorly; unengorged specimens a light sandy color with the black of the intestinal diverticulae visible through the integument of the dorsal surface; freshly engorged specimens a dull, deep garnet shade with a greyish sheen over body, anterior conical point whitish. The color changes to a greyish-blue a few days after feeding. Legs and hood pale yellow. In newly molted forms the body and legs lighter but gradually assume the light sandy appearance and the legs darken correspondingly. In preserved unengorged specimens the color deepens to a reddish-brown.

Hood. Curved ventrally, projecting over the mouth parts and palpi, the rounded point and ventral surface with many long hairs between the mammillae.

Capitulum. Located in a deep camerostome with rounded integumental folds along the lateral and posterior margins, ventral surface finely and transversely wrinkled.