Das Beriberi Herz. (Morphologie, Klinik, Pathogenese.) (The heart in beriberi. Morphology, Clinic and Pathogenesis.)

By Prof. K. F. Wenckebach. pp. 106, 38 illustrations. 1934. Published by Julius Springer, Berlin and Vienna

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Whatever Professor Wenckebach writes on heart lesions is always replete with minute observations, scholarly portrayal and logical deductions. This small bronchure is no exception, and we can not but feel that a real and important addition to the knowledge of a peculiar ailment has been made available by the visit to Java by Wenckebach for the averred purpose of closely studying beriberi under favorable conditions.

The section on the morphology of the beriberi heart includes a discussion of the gross pathology, as well as the microscopic lesions, which the author describes in detail in a manner both instructive and profoundly interesting. This is notably the case with his deductions regarding the true cause of what has widely been misconstrued as edema and which Wenckebach demonstrates is due not to water extruded but to imbibition and to chemical alteration of the protoplasm within the muscle cell on account of disturbed osmosis.