Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology. The Diseases of Domesticated Animals Caused by Helminth and Arthropod Parasites

By H. O. Mönnig, B.A., Dr. Phil., B.V.Sc. Illustrated, pp. 402. William Wood and Co., Baltimore

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With the publication of this volume there is available for the first time in the English language an authoritative manual of the helminth and arthropod parasites and the diseases which they produce in domestic animals. The author has purposely elected to present only the important facts, so that the reader will not be confused with a mass of details.

After a comprehensive discussion of the phenomena of parasitism, its biological and practical implications, and a brief consideration of technic and diagnostic methods, presentation is made of the numerous trematode, cestode, nematode and other helminthic infections of domestic animals. In each section the essential morphological and biological data are first outlined for the class group, after which each important species is taken up in systematic order from the following viewpoints: structure, life cycle, pathology and symptomatology, therapeusis and prophylaxis. Similarly the insects and their allies are considered.