The Educational Background for the Practice of Tropical Medicine

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  • International Health Board, Rockefeller Foundation, New York, N. Y.

My address will be brief, as I have really a very simple theme and it will not take much of your time for me to present it.

It is unnecessary for me to remind you that we are living in a changing world, and that both medicine and public health are playing a much more important rôle in the world than they did formerly. For example, it is now customary for public officials and people in general to talk about adequate medical care for every one; this is no longer merely the dream of the sociologist, but a real objective of the thinking public.

I imagine that most of us, of the older generation, realize that this is a very high ideal, which has never yet been reached, even in the most advanced countries. It predicates further the utmost use of preventive as well as of curative medicine, otherwise the ideal could never be even remotely approached.