The History of Malaria in the Roman Campagna

By Angelo Celli. Pg. I–VIII, 1–226. John Bale, Sons & Danielsson. London, 1933

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In this most interesting work, the late Angelo Celli, one of the great authorities of the world upon malaria, gives a thorough history of malaria in the Roman Campagna from ancient to modern times. The perusal of this history impresses one with the vital importance of these infections in the economic and social history of a people and the results which were obtained, largely under Celli's direction, in the prophylaxis of malaria in this region will long remain of intense interest to malariologists. The author was the pioneer worker upon malarial prophylaxis in this region as well as in Italy and to his labors and those of his associates Italy owes a great debt of gratitude. For this reason, if for no other, this work will prove of personal interest to every student of malaria and the reviewer has read it with pleasure and profit.