The History of Dermatology

By William Allen Pusey. Pg. I–VIII, 1–225. Charles H. Thomas. Springfield, Ill., and Baltimore, Maryland, 1933

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In this book of 225 pages and 32 illustrations the development of dermatological lore is traced from Imhotep the most famous of the Egyptian physicians who as early as 3000 B.C. was a legendary figure, through successive ages as different races at different times held supremacy in medical knowledge and practice. The author's just evaluation of the importance of the work done in dermatology by the great physicians of the world adds interest to the historic facts presented and Dr. Pusey has shown ingenuity in presenting a clear picture of advancement in dermatology synchronous with that of medicine, surgery and the sciences generally. The author points out that because of the favorable location for their study presented by diseases of the skin, dermatology has been able to apply to its problems the newest scientific knowledge and methods, and often to lead the way for medicine in general in these efforts.