The Peninsula of Yucatan. Medical, Biological, Meteorological, and Sociological Studies

By George Cheever Shattuck, M.D. and collaborators. Pp. I–XVII. 1–576. Carnegie Institution of Washington. Washington, 1933

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This beautifully illustrated and printed volume details the results accomplished by the First, Second and Third Yucatan Medical Expeditions of 1929, 1930 and 1931, which were organized at the request of the Carnegie Institution of Washington by the Department of Tropical Medicine of Harvard University. The purpose of these expeditions was primarily to make a medical survey of disease in the State of Yucatan with the hope of adding to our knowledge of disease in that region and that this knowledge might throw new light upon the collapse of the Mayan civilization.

In a short review it is impossible to enumerate all of the important data that these expeditions have collected and made available to science in this volume. Those of greatest interest to the student of tropical medicine are contained in Chapters XII to XIX inclusive, which portray in an interesting and scientific manner the various infections and other disease conditions encountered during the expeditions.