Therapeutic Agents of Quinoline Group

By W. F. Von Oettingen, M.D., Ph.D. Chemical Catalog Company, Inc., New York, 1933, 301 pp.

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Dr. Von Oettingen has accomplished a real service with doubtless a great deal of labor and critical analysis in the preparation of this work. From the standpoint of the pharmacologist and his special interest in the quinoline and allied derivatives, the great number of literature citations, compounds and pharmacological reactions are invaluable. The book is also of great interest and importance to the chemist who anticipates the preparation of new compounds with a view to adding others to the ever growing multitude, one of which may possibly have some therapeutic value. Furthermore, the clinician may also derive a considerable amount of information if he cares to take the trouble to weight the pros and cons of a number of the preparations that are on the market at the present time, the value of which is still in dispute.

This invaluable book is divided into twelve chapters, seven of which comprise the literature on quinoline and its derivatives.