Classic Descriptions of Disease

With Biographical Sketches of the Authors. By Ralph H. Major, Professor of Medicine, University of Kansas School of Medicine. Pp. I–XXVII. 1–630. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill., and Baltimore, Md., 1932

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In this beautiful volume, Dr. Major has placed on record practically all of the clasic, original accounts of disease with a short biographical sketch of the authors. The work represents years of historical research and the result is a monograph that should be in the library of every physician who loves his profession and who reverences the great ones who have contributed to medicine and surgery. To the student of medicine, especially, would the reviewer recommend this work, believing that a study of it will increase his respect for the work of those who have preceded him; will teach him the value of careful observation; and will stimulate him to original study and research, as well as create in him a love of medical history, a much neglected branch of our profession.

In this work Dr. Major has contributed one of the most valuable monographs to the profession from the standpoint of medical history and for reference purposes.