The Value of Plasmochin in the Treatment of Malarial Infections Encountered in Some Cases of Blackwater Fever and Quinine Haemoglobinuria

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  1. 1.Malarial parasites were encountered in 37.5 per cent of a series of 16 consecutive cases of blackwater fever and, in all but one, the subtertian form was the offender.
  2. 2.Three of the 6 positive cases showed subtertian ring forms in such abundance that active anti-malarial measures appeared to be imperative.
  3. 3.Quinine can not be safely administered to such cases of blackwater fever because of the danger of producing further haemolysis. On the other hand, plasmochin can be safely used at any stage of the disease and apparently possesses sufficient action to control the infection until such a time as quinine can be given. This drug should be equally useful in treating malaria attacks in individuals who suffer from haemoglobinuria as a result of quinine intolerance.

Author Notes

I am indebted to the Medical Director of the Tropical Oil Company for permission to publish this article.

From the Medical Department of the Tropical Oil Company, Barrancabermeja, Colombia, South America.