Public Health Practice in the Tropics

By J. Balfour Kirk, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., D.T.M. and H. With 80 illustrations. Pp. I–XIV. 1–498. J. and A. Churchill, London, 1931

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This is an excellent work upon the practice of public health in the tropics, which, to those who have had experience, differs vastly from that in the temperate zones, not only by reason of climatic conditions but because of the character of the populations one has to practice among in many tropical regions. The peculiar economical, ethical and religious customs of many of these populations render ordinary public health measures of little value because of the impossibility of application, and it is one of the chief virtues of this book that it considers the subject from this standpoint and, as the author states in his Preface “In the selection of material for inclusion in this book I have been guided by considerations rather of actual practice than of theory.” It is, therefore, an eminently practical book and should prove of the greatest service to Public Health Officers in the Tropics.