Dengue Fever

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  • Department of Bacteriology, The Army Medical School, Washington, D.C.

Introduction. During the entire period of the American occupation of the Philippine Islands, dengue fever has been a source of considerable annoyance and economic loss to the Army because of its high morbidity and the resultant loss of time due to the hospitalization of military personnel. For this reason the disease has been of special interest to the Army; and has consequently on several occasions been made the subject of experimental investigation by medical officers, including the following members of the U. S. Army Medical Department Research Board, in Manila: Ashburn and Craig (1) in 1907, Vedder (2) in 1907, Siler, Hall and Hitchens (3) 1923–25, Schule (4) 1926–27 and Simmons, St. John and Reynolds (5) in 1928–30. As a result of these various studies considerable fundamental information has been added to our knowledge of the etiology and transmission of dengue fever.