An Introduction to Malariology

By Mark F. Boyd. Pp. i–viii. 1–437. 1930. Illustrated. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Mass.

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This excellent work upon the control of malaria is a valuable addition to our knowledge of the subject, as it contains all of the important data that have accumulated during recent years relating to the subject of malariology.

The work is divided into an Introduction, and sections dealing with the natural history of malaria; malaria surveys; natural history of anophelines; anopheline surveys; relation of surveys to control work; and a good index. It is impossible here to review these sections in detail but it may be stated that each subject is thoroughly discussed and these discussions are especially valuable from the standpoint of practice. No one can read the chapters upon malaria and anopheline surveys, and their relation to control work, without realizing the immense scope of malaria control and the broad knowledge that one must possess in order to apply successfully what we know regarding the prophylaxis of this important infection.