Experimental Efforts to Transfer Monkey Malaria to Man

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, Republic of Panama
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A preliminary report on malaria in wild monkeys of Panama was made by the senior author (1) about one year ago but no success attended his efforts to secure a living specimen showing the disease. A later expedition has been made that did secure six juvenile and two infant monkeys with malaria. These animals were captured in the uninhabited portion of Panama known as the Coto and then transferred to our laboratory and placed in screened quarters.

Several experiments in the transfer of monkey malaria to man have been made in the Eastern hemisphere that produced refractory results or were surrounded with circumstances that seemed to leave the question in doubt. In view of the fact that our Western hemisphere monkey malaria is difficult if not impossible to distinguish from human quartan and tertian malaria, it seemed wise to repeat such experiments in our region.