The Epidemiology and Control of Malaria in Palestine

By Israel J. Kligler, Director, Department of Hygiene, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill., 1930. Pp. l–xv, 1–240. Illustrated

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To all who are interested in the control of malaria this record of the epidemiology and control of these fevers in Palestine will prove of great interest. While the work treats of the difficulties encountered in the control of malaria in Palestine, it will be of interest to all workers in malariology as similar difficulties are encountered by malariologists in many other localities, and the methods of prophylaxis adopted, with success, by the author, will be found equally effective in many other regions.

The author's results with the mass treatment of malaria by quinine under the supervision of native orderlies is significant, for the found that such treatment was ineffective and only became effective when the quinine was administered under the personal supervision of a physician. When thus administered, mass treatment brought about a decided reduction in the carrier rate.