Tropical Medicine in the United States

By Alfred C. Reed, M.D. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and London, 1930. Pp. i–xiii, 1–410. Illustrated

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In his preface to this very useful manual upon tropical diseases as observed in the United States, the author states: “In the present volume, one object only is in view: to present a serviceable guide to the physician in the United States in his contacts with tropical medicine” and, in reviewing this work, it is necessary to keep this object in mind. One should not look here for exhaustive, documented descriptions of the various diseases usually included in a work upon tropical medicine, but instead should expect concise descriptions of the essential facts which all well informed physicians should know regarding the etiology, epidemiology, pathology, symptoms, prophylaxis and treatment of these diseases. It may be stated that the author has produced a very excellent work along these lines and one that should prove very useful to the physicians of this country.