Monograph on Undulant Fever and Contagious Abortion

By L. C. Bulmer. 2nd Edition, 1930. The Technical Service Bureau, Birmingham, Ala. 66 pages

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This is a summary of facts and opinions of others, with an index and bibliography. The appellation “Monograph” is improper. No striking errors of fact are noted, but there are many errors of omission, and a lack of balance of relative values of facts given.

Page 30, “titre which may be regarded positive in humans … U. S. Army authorities investigating Undulant Fever did not consider dilutions above 1:80 necessary (Cole) …,” is a vague expression taken from an old report, and contrary to the policies of most Army reports.

Page 47 is given over to the infection of goats. Of much more value than anything mentioned would be to have emphasized the high incidence of the present day infection in the goat-raising districts of the United States. The report of Holt and Reynolds in this connection would be of much greater value than much of the foreign data given.