Malaria in Eastern Cuba

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  • United Fruit Company Hospital, Preston, Oriente, Cuba

The Province of Oriente, comprising the entire broad eastern end of Cuba, is comparatively unknown to the world at large and its medical problems are rarely brought to the attention of the profession.

During one year, September, 1920, to August, 1921, the writer had the opportunity to study the health problems of one of the largest sugar plantations in Cuba. This plantation is situated on the lowlands and foot hills south and west of Nipe Bay. The climate is semi-tropical. Temperatures are only rarely below 60°F. or above 95°F. The mean temperature is close to 80°F. all the year. The winter months are cool with occasional heavy rains. Frequent local showers occur during the greater part of the year, especially near the mountains. The summer and autumn months are generally warm and dry.

The population is largely migratory and varies considerably during the year, being probably less than 9000 during the last months of 1920 and above 16,000 during the early part of 1921.