Public Health in the Dominican Republic

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  • Pennsylvania State Health Department, Recently Director of National Laboratories, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Dominican Republic

In considering public health in the Dominican Republic, we naturally take into account the program, the present status, and the outlook.

The practical cessation of constructive health activity early in 1921 and the uncertainty of resumption of the program, both of these matters being dependent upon political conditions in the Republic, prevent us from following this logical order of discussion. It seems inadvisable to introduce any reference to political conditions, although it is difficult to present the subject intelligently without so doing, even in a purely professional journal.

Dr. J. M. Swan, president of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, has communicated in No. 1, volume I, of this Journal (January, 1921) certain political, geographic, demographic and statistical information relating to Dominica and Haiti. This information was gathered in the field survey conducted by him for the American Red Cross, from December, 1919, to February, 1920.