Operationalizing Surveillance as a Malaria Intervention: Data Use for Action

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  • 1 Malaria Consortium, United Kingdom;
  • | 2 National Malaria Control Programme, Mozambique;
  • | 3 National Malaria Control Program, Senegal;
  • | 4 PMI Measure Malaria Project, ICF;
  • | 5 HBHI, The Global Fund

Author Notes

Address correspondence to Arantxa Roca-Feltrer, Malaria Consortium, XXXXX, UK. E-mail: a.roca@malariaconsortium.org

Authors’ addresses: Arantxa Roca-Feltrer and Yazoume Ye, Malaria Consortium, UK, E-mails: a.roca@malariaconsortium.org and yazoume.ye@icf.com. Baltazar Candrinho, National Malaria Control Programme, Mozambique, E-mail: candrinhobaltazar@gmail.com. Médoune Ndiop, National Malaria Control Program, Senegal, E-mail: mnzop5@gmail.com. Debra Prosnitz, PMI Measure Malaria Project, ICF, E-mail: debra.prosnitz@icf.com. Molly Robertson, HBHI, The Global Fund, E-mail: molly.robertson@theglobalfund.org.