Skin Diseases in the African

by G. H. V. Clarke, M.A. (Cantab.), M.B.B.S. A.R.I.C. 172 + viii pages, illustrated. London, H. K. Lewis & Co., Ltd., 1959. £4.4s.Od

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  • University of Southern California

G. H. V. Clarke, who is Senior Specialist (Dermatology), H.M. Overseas Medical Service in the Federation of Nigeria, has presented an unusual contribution to dermatologic literature in this volume of 172 pages. The author, taking advantage of his unique type of dermatologic practice, has attempted to collect and classify both the usual and the unusual skin diseases as they appear in the Negro. His introduction contains some very interesting observations concerning the African Negro as a patient, and native medicines.

The relative incidence of different diseases in the African and the European forms the principal basis for division of the book into ten sections. Diseases which appear essentially the same in both races are grouped in one section. This is followed by those which are relatively rare in Africans but common in Europeans. Next come those common in the African but rare in the European. Later sections deal with diseases found exclusively in the African and finally the rare diseases of both races.