A Short Synopsis of Human Protozoology and Helminthology

by L. R. S. MacFarlane, O.B.E., M.D., M.A., D.P.H. Brig'r. (illustrated by R. M. Leach, B.E.M.). 1st ed., 251 + vii pp. Baltimore, Md., The Williams and Wilkins Co. (exclusive U. S. agents), 1960. $7.50

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  • E. R. Squibb & Sons, New York 22, New York

Dr. MacFarlane's little book should be useful in the smaller and less comprehensive classes in human parasitology. It is concise yet includes mention of essentially all the protozoan and helminthic parasites of significance in medicine. Medical entomology is not included. No references are shown. As is clearly stated in the Preface, much of the work is a condensation of material from one of the large texts in parasitology, although some of the author's own findings and experience are also presented. There is an Appendix devoted to simple staining methods and a Glossary of lesser known terms.

The illustrations are particularly good and some are in color. Unfortunately, no structural details are labelled in the figures even though the book emphasizes rather heavily, as it should, the morphology and life cycles of parasites. Moreover, no magnifications or comparative sizes of parasites are indicated in the pictures.