Carter's Microbiology and Pathology

by Alice Lorraine Smith, A.B., M.D. 7th edition, 742 pages, illustrated. St. Louis, The C. V. Mosby Company, 1960. $7.50

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  • Duke University

This new edition of a book which has already gone through six editions is excellent for the purpose which it is designed to serve, the guidance of paramedical personnel. Furthermore, it is an interesting book with a distinctly personal approach to the reader. The presentation of subject matter is simple, direct, and unencumbered by theoretical considerations which can be much out of place in an instructional program for paramedical workers. The authors have kept their sights on the practical and have succeeded in relating both microbiology and pathology very closely to the everyday problems of human life, individual and communal.

The sources from which the nonoriginal materials of this book are drawn are authoritative. They are sufficiently limited in number to spare the reader the troublesomeness of long bibliographies.

The book is self sufficient as a text for nurses and technical workers. It would not be adequate, however, as a laboratory manual; it was not intended so to be.