Fundamentals of Clinical Hematology

by Byrd S. Leavell, M.D., and Oscar A. Thorup, Jr., M.D. 1st Ed., 503 + xi pp., ill. Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders Co., 1960. $10.00

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This textbook is designed primarily for the medical student “who is being introduced to hematology for the first time while he is in the midst of a crowded curriculum.” It is also intended to be of use to busy physicians and to ancillary workers as an up-to-date review and reorientation in the field. It achieves both of these aims. The style is concise, direct and factual yet readable. The material is up-to-date.

The approach is based on “comprehensive but not encyclopedic” descriptions of normal morphology, biochemistry, physiology and function of various cell lines, and of normal erythropoiesis, leukopoiesis, hemostasis, etc. These lead into the anemias, polycythemia, coagulation and disorders of hemostasis, the leukemias and therapy of leukemia and malignant lymphoma, and into other diseases of lymphoid tissues and bone marrow.

The tabulated classification of anemias introducing a major section of the book is based primarily on Mechanism of Production:(I. Diminished Erythropoiesis: A. Nutritional, B. Bone Marrow failure; II Blood Loss, acute and chronic; III. IncreasedHemolysis:A, Intracorpuscular, B. Extracorpuscular) with Causes and Diseases or Clinical Syndromes listed under coordinate headings.