Electrophoretic Pattern of Hyperproteinemic Sera in a Population Group of Rural Panama

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  • Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP), Guatemala, C. A.


A high prevalence of hyperproteinemias has been found among the inhabitants of La Arena in Panama in a random sample of 98 individuals. The values for the first, second and third quartiles were 7.24, 7.52 and 7.90 g of total protein per 100 ml of serum, with a range of 6.45 to 8.72. For electrophoretic studies, three subsamples of 9 subjects each were selected, with total serum protein values as follows: Group I, below the median; Group II, between the median and second quartile; and Group III, above the third quartile. Each of the electrophoretic fractions determined (albumin plus alpha1 globulin, alpha2, beta and gamma globulin) was proportionately responsible for the total serum protein elevation.