In Am J Trop Med Hyg 85: 952 by Gray and others, an incomplete version of Table 1 was published. The correct version appears here. The journal regrets this error.

Table 1.
CaseAge (yrs)SexIndigenous statusOnsetLocation of exposurePresenting syndromeOutcomeFulfils Current Case Definition
180MaleNJune 2010Rural DarwinEncephalitis with fever, confusion and movement disorderResidual vertigo (mild)Yes
238FemaleNMay 2009BorroloolaFever, headache, photophobia, rash and arthralgiaFull recoveryNo
367MaleNMay 2001Barkly and DarwinEncephalitis with fever, confusion, headache and lethargyFull recoveryYes
423FemaleAApril 2001Alice SpringsMeningitis with fever, headache, photophobia and neck stiffnessFull recoveryYes
511MaleNMarch 2001Alice SpringsMeningitis with fever, headache, photophobia, neck stiffness and vomitingFull recoveryYes
63MaleAApril 2000Hermannsburg (Alice Springs)Encephalitis with fever, headache, vomiting, irritability and drowsinessFull recoveryYes
731MaleNMarch 2000DarwinNANA
865MaleNMay 1999DarwinNANA
926FemaleNJune 1997Eva Downs (Barkly)Meningitis with fever, headache and neck stiffnessFull recoveryYes
1021MaleNMay 1997Eva Downs (Barkly)Fever, arthralgia, headache and dry coughFull recoveryNo
1140MaleNMay 1997Eva Downs (Barkly)Fever with myalgia and headacheFull recoveryNo
1261FemaleNNovember 1995DarwinNAFull recovery
1340MaleNAugust 1992DarwinFever and lethargyFull recoveryNo